Colonial Cupboard

Despite what the large sign says, the Colonial Cupboard doesn’t only carry popcorn and cotton candy. Because of where it’s located, this particular establishment can get busy, especially during crowded days.

The funny thing is that their menu makes no mention of there being popcorn sold here so they could have phased it out and not updated the sign. So, if you wanted some, ask anyway and see what the staff says!

Where to find this building?

Centrally located at the front of the park, it’s an incredibly difficult building to miss as it’s square in your face beside a fountain in the middle of Main Street. You’ll find other nearby food spots such as the first Dippin’ Dots in the park, the Liberty Funnel Cake Bakery, and Coffee & Cones.

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 13, 2023

If I could choose to make glare go away, I would, but as I get a better handle on photography hopefully I’ll find better ways of making it work without the hassle I went through to get some of the shots I did while at Six Flags America. In the meantime, please use the tables down below to help navigate the menu if you’re having trouble reading the photos.

Entrees & SnacksPrice
Turkey Leg (incl. chips)$15.99
Hot Dog Basket (incl. chips)$13.99
Pretzel w/ Cheese$7.99
Cheese Nachos$8.99
Cotton Candy$6.99
Frito Lay Chips$4.99
ICEE Cup$7.99
ICEE Bottle$10.99
All-Season Bottle1$34.99
Regular Drink$5.99
Large Drink$6.49
Bottled Water2$4.99

1Passholders get this bottle for $15
2Buy 2 and get them for $8

Food Review

Coming soon!