Liberty Funnel Cake Bakery

Also known as Liberty Bakery, the Liberty Funnel Cake Bakery is a spacious shop loaded up with different varieties of funnel cake for eager sweet tooth’s all around the park. The inside of the bakery has no seating, so you will have to find your way across to Coffee & Cones to eat inside or on their patio.

Where to find this building?

Across from Coffee & Cones, Liberty Bakery is on the Main Street next door to Coaster Candy and across from Colonial Cupboard. It can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, but the smells wafting from inside may help you to stop in your tracks and notice it.

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 13, 2023

Funnel CakesPrice
Apples & Creams$16.99
Strawberries & Cream$16.99
Cookies & Cream$16.99
Add a Topping1$2.99

1Options: Caramel, Whipped Cream, Apples, Strawberries, and Chocolate Syrup

All-Season Bottle1$34.99
Regular Drink$5.99
Large Drink$6.49
Bottled Water2$4.99

1Passholders can buy this bottle for $15 (which is a steal!)
2Buy two for $8

Food Review

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