Dippin’ Dots – Six Flags America

A family favorite, Dippin’ Dots is the official (un-official?) frozen treat of choice at their parks and at Six Flags America it is no different. If you’re unfamiliar with what this treat is, it’s basically ice cream that has been hit with liquid nitrogen in the form of tiny dots. They have a lot of delicious flavors and some flavors that are somewhat unique to certain parks around the country.

For example, you can find Ultimate Brownie Batter at Splish Splash!

Each location does not serve up the same things, FYI, so if you’re looking for something specific I’d check out the pictures below to figure out which one you want to explore before heading out on a wild goose chase.

Where to find these stands?

Just like in any other theme park you go to, you’ll find a lot of Dippin’ Dots stands in convenient locations scattered throughout the park. At Six Flags America there are six, however, at this time I am unaware of the number inside of Hurricane Harbor.

Location #1 – Beside Colonial Cupboard going into the main park on the right hand side in the Main Street 1776 neighborhood. This is the only location to get a Dippin’ Dots float, sundaes, and soda refills.

Location #2 – In front of Chop Six and across the pathway from Johnny Rockets in the Olde Boston neighborhood.

Location #3 – Beside the modern wooden coaster, Roar, in the Chesapeake neighborhood.

Location #4 – Also in the Chesapeake neighborhood, you can find this stand in front of the kids attraction, Pirate’s Flight.

Location #5 – Dance your way over to the Mardi Gras neighborhood where you can find this by the Wild One rollercoaster attraction (built in 1917!).

Location #6 – You’ll find this over in Gotham City you can find this on your way to many of the major attractions on the main pathway. It’s next to a now defunct Blue Snowman Shaved Ice stand, which may or may not be there when you arrive.

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 13, 2023

Flavors on deck are Chocolate, Banana Split, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Rainbow Ice. You can also get a drink refill at the main location at the front of the park.

Food / SizePrice
Mega / Goliath$9.99

1Combinations of Birthday Party, Candy Craze, Cookie Crumble, and Yummy Gummy
2Seems to come in three flavors (Root Beer, Coca-Cola, and Orange), but ask ahead as to what flavor combos are available

Food Review

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