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Location: Calverton, Long Island, New York | Official Website

Welcome to Splish Splash – New York’s biggest water park! While you’re busy splashing around in the pools and zooming down slides, we’ve got a different kind of splash in store for your taste buds.

Let’s be for freakin’ real about this, a day of water adventures needs some seriously good food. Dining at Splish Splash isn’t just a pit stop; it’s part of the experience. Imagine taking a break from the waves and wandering over to where the scent of sizzling snacks hangs in the air – that’s where the real magic happens.

From quick bites to hearty meals, the park covers the basics. Burgers, chicken tenders, and ice cream – they’ve got your cravings sorted.

Whether you’re planning a water-filled day or just dreaming of one, come with us as we explore the simple, satisfying flavors of Splish Splash. It’s all about making a splash – both in the pools and at the picnic table!

Note: There’s a new spot on the block with Ben’s Soft Pretzel, which seems to be replacing Sweet Landings (5/15/2024).

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