Funnel Cakes

There’s something so traditional about a funnel cake, but over at Funnel Cakes they take that tradition and turn it on its head, and oh wow does it look delicious. Don’t worry, you can have it plain with some powdered sugar and call it a day if that’s your vibe, too.

Where to find Funnel Cakes?

Located on what I call “Food Row,” it’s behind the Snack Shack on the upper deck of the patio (which can be seen from the Lazy River area) and next to both Tony’s Italian Feast and The Chicken Coop.

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Funnel Cakes Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 5, 2023

Funnel Cake
with powdered sugar
Funnel Cake - Oreo Topping
with ice cream
Funnel Cake - Reese's Pieces
with ice cream
Funnel Cake - Strawberry Topping
with ice cream
Fried Oreos (6)
Regular Drink
Bottled Water
2 for $5.99, 4 for $12.99

Food Review

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