Steelworks Pub Express

There are quite a number of places to grab a beer or wine in the park and Steelworks Pub Express is a fast and easy way to do it when you’re traveling between attractions.

If you’re not in this area though, other beer-specific locations are Blue Moon Saloon, Saloon, Metro Park Pub, Rita Cabana, and Craft Brew Bar.

Where to find this building?

In Gotham City, you’ll find this pretty much upon entering the park. This location has the potential to move, but this was the last place it was seen. You’ll see it before seeing Villain Snacks which is around the curve of the walkway.

steelworks pub express new england location

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 24, 2023

There are no posted signs for this location, unfortunately, and when I asked the attendant they verified this as well.

However, yes, they do sell beer and margaritas. Prices are probably akin to other beer-specific locations in the park though.

steelworks pub express six flags new england offerings

Food Review

Coming soon!