In the same vein as Blue Moon Saloon, Saloon is a bit of a one-stop shop for some beer if you’re in need of a drink. Unlike Craft Brew Bar down on Main Street Plaza this is a permanent building, but hours and availability most likely will vary.

You must be 21+ and over to purchase and drink.

Where to find this building?

Located at the top of the main walkway in Crackaxle Canyon, you’ll pass by one of many Coca-Cola Kiosks (or in this case just a drink station) in the park on your way there. It’s seated next to JB’s Smokehouse BBQ, which would be a particularly good spot if you’re ready to eat with your crew.

saloon six flags new england

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 24, 2023

Beer & Wine

Regular Draft ▸ $12.99
Large Draft ▸ $15.99
Bottled ▸ $12.99
Hard Seltzer ▸ $12.99
Copa Wine ▸ $10.99


Giant Pretzel ▸ $6.99


Regular Drink ▸ $5.99
Large Drink ▸ $6.49
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for $8
Simply Beverages ▸ $5.99
Selection: Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Juice

Food Review

Coming soon!