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Location: Orlando, Florida, USA | Official Website

SeaWorld Orlando has been making waves (get it?) since 1973, just two years after Mickey Mouse waltzed into town. Originally, it was all about splashy shows and killer whale jumps.

Now, they’re all about rescue, rehab, and reminding you why our oceans are important and vital to not only the planet but for humanity. You can still catch those amazing shows, but you can also ride stomach-churning coasters and get up close with some incredible creatures.

Food-wise, SeaWorld Orlando has a wide variety of food to choose from. Yes, they have classic burgers that’ll make your inner-child do a happy dance, but they also have international eats and healthy options to keep your hangry monster at bay.

Need a quick refuel between rides? Grab a hot dog or some fresh-cut fries.

Feeling fancy? Sit down for a delicious meal at Shark’s. And let’s not forget ice cream – perfect for beating that Florida heat!

So, whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an animal lover, or just a hungry adventurer, SeaWorld Orlando has something fin-tastic for you! (I’ll see myself out with that pun, sorry not sorry).

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