SeaWorld Dining Menus

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Locations: Orlando, Florida, USA • San Diego, California, USA • San Antonio, Texas, USA | Official Website

SeaWorld’s adventure began in 1964 in San Diego, California. What started as an idea for an underwater restaurant quickly transformed into a marine park featuring dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures.

The iconic “Shamu shows,” with trained animals performing tricks, became a cultural phenomenon. SeaWorld also contributed to captive breeding programs, helping to understand and boost populations of some endangered species.

But over time, concerns about animal welfare and the ethics of captivity grew. The 2013 documentary “Blackfish” sparked a national debate on these issues.

SeaWorld responded with major changes, phasing out orca shows and shifting towards natural behavior presentations and rescue efforts. Their focus on conservation grew stronger, aiming to protect animals in their natural habitats.

Today, SeaWorld parks across the US offer a unique mix of experiences. You can discover fascinating exhibits showcasing marine life, from playful otters to majestic manta rays and enjoy educational shows that reveal the wonders of the ocean. Thrill-seekers can ride coasters that soar over the park.

And no theme park visit is complete without delicious food. SeaWorld has something for every palate, from classic American fare like burgers and fries to international dishes and lighter options. They even have vegetarian and gluten-free choices to meet all dietary needs.

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun-filled day or someone passionate about ocean conservation, SeaWorld has something for everyone. Explore the wonders of the sea, enjoy exciting rides, and savor tasty food, all while supporting SeaWorld’s mission to educate and protect marine life.

Note: At this time the Orlando location is the only available location. Thank you.