Seasoned Popcorn Cart

I’m a lover of popcorn, especially theater popcorn, and I feel like theme parks always do so well with the buttery goodness. So, you’ll be happy with the Seasoned Popcorn cart for a nice snack mid-day if it’s up your alley.

Quick FYI: each location won’t carry the same offerings, please check the menu for the differences you may see.

Cart Locations

You’ll find several throughout the park. At the time of writing these were their current locations:

At the corner of Charleston Circle, in front of the Calico Mine Ride, and across from the Calico Railroad, you’ll find this cart perfectly blended into its surroundings with its midwestern feel. This is known as the Calico Mine Stage Popcorn Cart.

seasoned popcorn cart knott's berry farm

Over in Camp Snoopy, you’ll find another cart across from Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer and right near to one of many Coca-Cola Refresh Stations.

seasoned popcorn cart camp snoopy

Over at the Boardwalk, you’ll find another cart near to the entrance for the Coast Rider ride and across from the HangTime ride. This is known as the Boardwalk Popcorn Cart.

seasoned popcorn cart knott's berry farm menu and prices boardwalk

Seasoned Popcorn Cart Menu & Prices

Prices updated November 1, 2023

If you’re looking for a souvenir popcorn bucket (are you a Disney fan, too?) you can find this Snoopy bucket at the Boardwalk or Calico Mine Stage Popcorn Cart locations.

Fresh Popcorn
Cotton Candy
Souvenir Popcorn Bucket
Refills = $2.50
20 oz. Fountain Drinks
Apple Juice
Orange Juice

Food Review

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