Coca-Cola Refresh Station

One of the best places to load up on some drinks after walking around in the hot sun for hours on end, the Coca-Cola Refresh Station is your visual reminder to stay hydrated and grab a bottle of water or refill your park day or season bottle.


With a few locations around the park, you’ll find one of the few in Camp Snoopy near to the kids ride, Rocky Mountain Trucking Co.

coca-cola refresh station knott's berry farm camp snoopy

Another spot is in Fiesta Village across from Cantina del Sur in front of the MonteZOOMa’s Revenge coaster entrance on its left.

coca-cola refresh station knott's berry farm locations

In the Boardwalk neighborhood, you’ll find this attached to Boardwalk BBQ.

coca-cola refresh station knott's berry farm boardwalk

Over in Charleston Circle, you’ll find this location on the left-hand side of Johnny Rockets as you’re passing by Charleston Circle Coffee. It’s underneath a balcony and beside a beautiful purple 1920’s delivery truck.

Right “around the corner” from Wilderness Dogs and Drinks and near to Fireman’s BBQ, you’ll find Doc Pemberton’s refresh station.

doc pemberton's coca-cola refresh station knott's berry farm

Coca-Cola Refresh Station Menu & Prices

Prices updated November 1, 2023

There are no posted prices here, however, I did want you to at least see the setup of the current selection available at the Camp Snoopy location. Aside from drinks you can also buy fruit bowls and chips, too. You can buy All Day bottles ($18.99) and All Season bottles ($34.99) here as well.

Bottled drink options: Fairlife Strawberry and Plain Milk, Minute Maid Orange Juice and Apple Juice, Vitamin Water XXX, various brands of bottled water

Soft Drink options: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Barq’s Root Beer, Sprite, Minute Maid Lemonade, Knott’s Berry Punch, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange, Fuze Iced Tea, Barrilitos Agua Frescas in Mango Lime and Strawberry Hibiscus, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast

Over at Fiesta Village the drink options change a little bit, here are the drink options you’ll find here that are not at Camp Snoopy: Minute Maid Zero Sugar, Fuze Iced Tea Unsweetened and Fuze Iced Tea Sweetened, Sprite Zero, Pibb Xtra, Coca-Cola Cherry

Over at the Boardwalk location, the only drink option that is different here is the addition of Fuze Iced Tea Peach.

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