Log Ride ICEE Mix-It-Up

Quench your thirst with frozen ICEE at Log Ride ICEE Mix-It-Up. As the name suggests you can mix up your cup to your choosing and if you want to keep a sweet looking cup, grab the souvenir cup options.


Next door to Log Ride Funnel Cake and across from Timber Mountain Log Ride.

log ride icee mix-it-up knott's berry farm

Log Ride ICEE Mix-It-Up Menu & Prices

Prices updated November 1, 2023

As you can tell from the above photo it was incredibly busy in this area and I wasn’t able to get the flavors of the ICEE machines. Sorry about that.

ICEE Float
Small Souvenir ICEE
Large Souvenir ICEE
Regular ICEE

Food Review

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