Busch Gardens Restaurant Menus

busch gardens restaurant menus

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Locations: Tampa, Florida, USA • Williamsburg, Virginia, USA | Official Website

Part of the SeaWorld umbrella, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay boasts a rich history that began in 1959 (with the Williamsburg location opening in 1975) as a hospitality center for the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Back then, visitors enjoyed free beer, botanical gardens, and a charming bird show.

The park’s popularity soared, and it transformed over the decades. Animal exhibits like the iconic Serengeti Plain with its roaming gazelles and giraffes became a hallmark.

The 1970s and 80s saw a shift towards thrilling rides. Busch Gardens upped its game with coasters like Python and Kumba, solidifying its reputation as a theme park powerhouse.

Today, the park offers a unique blend of exhilarating coasters, educational animal encounters, and captivating shows, all woven within themed areas like Morocco and Egypt.

But Busch Gardens isn’t just about rides and wildlife. Food is a big part of the experience too.

From classic American fare to international food, the park offers a variety of options. Grab a juicy burger or a refreshing salad. Take a trip around the world with Latin-American and African cuisine.

And of course, don’t forget to end off your day with some ice cream to celebrate the hard work you put into running around and having fun.