Wheeler’s Wild Hot Dogs

In such a large theme park, it’s typical to find pizza, chicken, and of course, hot dogs. If you’re in the mood, you can find hot dogs at Wheeler’s Wild Hot Dogs (cute name honestly). There is little seating nearby though with a few of eateries sharing the same space, just so you’re aware in advance.

Where to find this building?

While walking through Gotham City, you’ll find this to be one of the first eateries in the area. At the time of visiting there was also a Food Truck for the Summer Nights Spectacular in front of The Riddler Revenge rollercoaster. If there is no food truck in that vicinity you’ll find Carlini’s Pizzeria around the corner and Villains Snacks not too far away.

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The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 24, 2023


Chicken Strips w/ Fries ▸ $16.99
Chili Cheese Dog w/ Chips* ▸ $15.99
Hot Dog w/ Chips* ▸ $14.99
Corn Dog w/ Chips* ▸ $14.99

*Upgrade to Fries ▸ $2.99
**Add a regular drink for combo ▸ $3.99


Chili Cheese Nachos ▸ $9.99
Chili Cheese Fries ▸ $9.99
Cheese Fries ▸ $9.99
Classic Nachos ▸ $8.99
Seasoned Fries ▸ $7.99
Mega Cookie ▸ $5.99


All Season Bottle ▸ $34.99
Regular Drink ▸ $5.99
Selection: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fuze Iced Tea Raspberry, Hi-C Pink Lemonade, Barq’s Root Beer
Large Drink ▸ $6.49
Selection: Above
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for ▸ $8
Simply Beverages
Selection: Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Juice

Food Review

Coming soon!