Totally Kickin’ Chicken

As the large sign on the front of the building suggests, you can find boneless chicken wings at Totally Kickin’ Chicken. This eatery is a prime example of giving the reigns over to the consumer to make the best decision for themselves in regards to spice levels or what-have-you.

Another location that does a great job of doing that is the Korean Dog at Dirty Fries if you’re in the mood for something different instead.

Where to find this building?

Easy to find in Rockville if you’re at the front of the park, you’ll find this to the right of the main walkway and around the corner from Hot Head Burritos (off the patio area anyway). This location is near the Arcade area of Rockville if you’re headed in that direction.

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The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 24, 2023

Meals (served w/ Seasoned Fries)
Combo: Add a regular drink for $3.99

Sauced Chicken Strips ▸ $17.99
Sauces in order of heat level (low to high): Buffalo, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Honey Garlic, Sweet Thai Chili
Chicken Strips ▸ $16.99


Regular Drink ▸ $5.99
Selection: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fuze Iced Tea Raspberry, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
Large Drink ▸ $6.49
Selection: Above
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for ▸ $8
Simply Beverages ▸ $5.99
Selection: Lemonade, Orange Juice

Sides and Snacks

Cheese Fries ▸ $9.99
Seasoned Fries ▸ $7.99
Milkshake ▸ $9.99
Selection: Chocolate, Vanilla

Food Review

Coming soon!