Candy Cabin / Coaster Candy – Six Flags New England

I decided to couple Candy Cabin and Coaster Candy together as they are essentially the same with a few differences, which I’ll outline below. Of course, with two eateries with the word ‘candy’ in the name, I’m sure you’ve guessed that these are two delicious candy buildings.

Candy Cabin is the smaller of the two, whereas Coaster Candy hosts a lot more variety. Both with satisfy whatever level of sweet tooth you may be having, don’t you worry.

Where to find these buildings?

You’ll find Candy Cabin further into the park near to eateries Fast Eddie’s Diner and Yamas!, the new Grecian eatery near to the entryway of Gotham City. If you still can’t find it, it resembles a cabin which almost makes it stick out like a sore thumb and is across from the Tea Cups ride.

candy cabin six flags new england

As for Coaster Candy, this is at the front of the park across from Captain Rivi’s Riverboat Café and one of the Coca-Cola Kiosks.

coaster candy six flags new england

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 24, 2023

The menus and prices in either location are not … well-posted. Actually, they’re very hard to pinpoint, so much so that when I asked a team member at Coaster Candy the prices for items inside of the display cases even they had a little trouble with remembering them.

And honestly, this is why Theme Park Bites is around, because families and foodies should be able to know how much they’re spending on a candy apple, fudge, or anything “made in the back of the shop.”

Because prices are most likely exactly the same at both locations I didn’t separate them, but if you needed to know Candy Cabin is the first photo with Coaster Candy’s as the other.


Fudge* ▸ $3.99
Caramel Apples ▸ $5.99
Caramel Apples w/ Topping (typically peanuts) ▸ $5.99
Candy Apple ▸ $5.99
ICEE ▸ $7.99
ICEE Souvenir Refill ▸ $5.99
Packaged candy prices range from $4.59 – $5.99 with individual candies being priced differently per item

*Buy four, get two free

Coffee & MoreGrandeVenti
Freshly Brewed Coffee $7.79$7.99
Iced Coffee$8.79$8.99
Hot Chocolate$7.79$8.99
Teavana Handcrafted TeaGrandeVenti

Iced Teas: Black, Green, Passion Tango
Hot Teas: Radiant Green, English Breakfast, Modern Earl Grey, Chamomile Blush, Harmonic Mint, Jasmine Citrus, Ginger Peach, Classic Chai, Hibiscus Spice


Add Flavor ▸ $1.99
Classic, Vanilla, Sugar Free Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut
Dairy Options ▸ $1.99
Whole Milk, Skim Milk, Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Half & Half

Food Review

Coming soon!