Sweet Treats Café

The coffee’d up sister of Sweet Cakes & Cones, Sweet Treats Café is the spot to grab as much Starbucks coffee as your heart desires. The name of the building is deceiving for those wanting sweet treats, although that’s not to say that you wouldn’t get any here, it’s just not their main priority at this location.

Where to find this building?

Next door to Sweet Cakes & Cones on Main Street. If you happen to be in front of Mporium and Coaster Candy, you’ll find it across that pathway.

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The Menu & Prices

Prices updated September 10, 2023

Frappuccino Blended BeveragesGrandeVenti
White Chocolate Mocha$8.79$8.99
Java Chip$8.79$8.99
Crème (Coffee Free)
Vanilla Bean$8.79$8.99
White Chocolate Crème$8.79$8.99
Double Chocolaty Chip$8.79$8.99
Other FavoritesGrandeVenti
Hot Chocolate$6.79$6.99
White Hot Chocolate$7.79$7.99
Coffee & Teavana TeaGrandeVenti
Caffè Misto$7.79$7.99
Teavana Classic Chai Latte$7.79$7.99
Cold Brew CoffeeGrandeVenti
Chameleon Organic Classic Cold Brew$7.79$7.99
Enjoy Hot or Iced
Caffè Latte$7.79$7.99
Caffè Mocha$7.79$7.99
Vanilla Latte$8.79$8.99
Caramel Macchiato$7.79$7.99
White Chocolate Mocha$8.79$8.99
Caffè Americano$7.79$7.99
Iced Coffee & Teavana Iced TeaGrandeVenti
Iced Coffee (w/ or w/o Milk)$6.79$6.99
Cold Brew$7.79$7.99
Refreshers Iced Beverages (Caffeinated)
– Mango Dragonfruit or Strawberry Acai
Teavana Iced Tea
– Black, Green, Passion Tango
Teavana Iced Classic Chai Latte$8.79$8.99


Add Flavor ▸ $1.99
Add Espresso Shot ▸ $2.99
Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk available upon request


Jumbo Cookie or Brownie ▸ $6.99
Gluten Free Cookie or Brownie ▸ $6.99
Cupcake ▸ $6.99
Muffin ▸ $6.99
Chocolate Filled Croissant ▸ $7.99
Black and White Cookie ▸ $7.99
Cinnamon Bun ▸ $7.99
Cake Slice ▸ $8.99
Cheesecake Slice ▸ $8.99
Simply Beverages ▸ $5.99
– Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Juice
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for $8
Monster Energy Drink ▸ $7.99

Food Review

Coming soon!