Rita’s Italian Ice – Six Flags Great Adventure

Having something other than ice cream can be refreshing when all you want to do is cool down. Cue Rita’s Italian Ice where you can find not only custard but, yeah, italian ice in varying flavors that should be able to appease the whole crew!

Where to find this building?

In the Boardwalk neighborhood, you’ll find it walking past the arcade. It’s located in front of Garden State Grill and near to Boardwalk Steak and Fries.

rita's italian ice six flags great adventure

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated September 10, 2023

Sizes & Options

Custard Cup ▸ $9.59
Regular Ice ▸ $4.79
Regular Gelati* ▸ $5.85
Large Ice ▸ $5.85
Large Gelati* ▸ $6.39
Waffle Cones ▸ $7.45
Regular Cones ▸ $6.39

*Rita’s gelati is a five layered treat (can be diminished to three) with two layers of italian ice and three layers of custard in alternating layers.

Day-of Flavors (Italian Ice & Custard)
Quick reminder that these flavors change daily depending on what is in stock for this location

Blue Raspberry
Cotton Candy
Green Apple
Island Fusion
Swedish Fish


Hot Fudge / Sprinkles



Food Review

Coming soon!