Granny’s Country Kitchen

When you hear Granny’s Country Kitchen what do you think of? Right, creature comforts from maybe a Southern grandma making wholesome homemade food — could be mac and cheese, chicken fried steak, or cornbread.

Well. Surprise, you’re getting a little bit of that here!

There’s mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and chicken and other options for everyone to try.

Where to find this building?

Across from the Big [Ferris] Wheel, this large restaurant has indoor seating to get yourself away from the hot sun. You’ll find Fatburger and Primo’s Pizzeria behind this building and it’s also nearby to Mama Flora’s Cucina.

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The Menu & Prices

Prices updated September 10, 2023

Platters* (served w/ Choice of Two Sides & Side Salad)
Mac & Cheese, Roasted Vegetables, Fries, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy

Rotisserie Chicken ▸ $18.99
Chicken Strips ▸ $18.99

Meals* (served w/ Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy or Fries)

Chicken Strips ▸ $16.99
Rotisserie Chicken ▸ $15.99
A La Carte Turkey Leg ▸ $16.99

*Combo: Add a Regular Drink for $3.99
*Add a Slice of Cake to any Meal for $4.99

Salads & More

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad ▸ $14.99
Cobb Salad ▸ $14.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad ▸ $14.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap ▸ $14.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap ▸ $14.99
Mac & Cheese ▸ $13.99
Kid’s Combo ▸ $10.99
Chicken Strips, Apple Slices, Juice Box

Sides & Desserts

Seasoned Fries ▸ $8.99
Assorted Cakes ▸ $8.99
Jumbo Cookie or Brownie ▸ $6.99
Gluten Free Cookie or Brownie ▸ $6.99

Beer & More

14 Hands Wine ▸ $16.99
Selection: Pinot Grigio, Red Blend, Rosé
Imported/Craft Beer ▸ $14.99
Domestic Beer ▸ $13.99


Regular Drink ▸ $5.99
Selection: Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid Lemonade, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
Large Drink ▸ $6.49
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for $8
Simply Beverages ▸ $5.99
Selection: Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Juice
Milk ▸ $4.99
Juice Box ▸ $4.99

Food Review

Coming soon!