Central Brewhaus

While the name suggests that this is a German beer hall, or at least even a pub-like establishment, it isn’t. Central Brewhaus is actually a very Americana spot with ample seating outside.

I am of the opinion that Six Flags missed on a wonderful opportunity to make this more German-focused, and I’m sure that they did at one point, but they really ought to bring it back or change the name.

Where to find this building?

At the front of the park you can find this restaurant as you’re passing the fountain on its left-hand side next to the first Funnel Cake Factory in the park and beside Primo’s Pizzeria (which is hidden on it’s right).

central brewhaus six flags great adventure

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated September 10, 2023

The day we went to Great Adventure they were in the beginnings of their Oktoberfest and this restaurant had been changed over to a German establishment, so this menu below only includes items that would be seen on it on a regular basis. Sorry for any confusion! But look at how pretty the Oktoberfest menu is!

So, for obvious reasons this menu is not complete and is a work in progress. The Six Flags app will show what other offerings they have, however, they don’t advertise the prices for this park at this time (most likely once they convert it to mobile ordering they will though!).


Chicken Wings ▸ $17.99
Five (5) bone-in chicken wings with choice of sauce over seasoned fries
Double Your Wings ▸ $7.99
Five (5) bone-in chicken wings on top of your [original] order with choice of sauce
Chicken Strips ▸ $16.99
Four (4) chicken strips served over seasoned fries
Cauliflower Bites ▸ $15.99
Deep fried cauliflower bites over seasoned fries with choice of sauce
Seasoned Fries ▸ $8.99
Sauce Choices: Plain, Sweet Chili, Mango Habañero, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Korean BBQ

Food Review

Coming soon!