Casa de Quesadillas / Cerveza Bar

If you’re in the mood for Hispanic food in the parks, aside from Macho Nacho and Empanada Guy, check out Casa de Quesadilla. Of course, you’ll find Quesadillas here (surprise! it lives up to its name) – fingers crossed they don’t do anything else here that would make zero sense, but Six Flags is notorious for that so who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You’ll also find Cerveza Bar attached out in front. There’s plenty of seating in the center and in the surrounding area.

Where to find this building?

Over in the Movietown neighborhood, you’ll find it on the left-hand side of what seems to be a three-part food spot. You’ll notice a large sign for “Cerveza Bar” which is on the right-hand side of this particular establishment (with, of course, no definite menu – go figure). Mama Flora’s Grill is on the right-hand side of this area.

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated September 10, 2023

They didn’t post the prices for the bar, however, if you were to check out Ale House or the Watering Hole‘s menu you should have a decent idea of how much drinks here would cost, too.

Add a Regular Drink for $3.99
Add a Stuffed or Plain Churro for $4.99

Steak Quesadilla w/ Chips ▸ $16.99
Chicken Quesadilla w/ Chips ▸ $15.99
Carnitas Quesadilla w/ Chips ▸ $15.99
Cheese Quesadilla w/ Chips ▸ $14.99
Fajita Your Quesadilla (Adds Peppers & Onions) ▸ $3.99
Loaded Nachos ▸ $15.99
Options: Carnitas, Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian


Nachos w/ Cheese or Salsa ▸ $8.99
Churro ▸$6.99
Two Churros ▸ $10.99
Stuffed Churro ▸ $8.99
Guacamole Cup ▸ $4.99
Cheese Cup or Sour Cream ▸ $2.99

Beer & More

Lime-A-Rita ▸ $16.99
Twisted Tea ▸ $16.99
Wine ▸ $16.99
Imported/Craft Beer ▸ $14.99
Domestic Beer ▸ $13.99


All Season Bottle ▸ $32.99
Regular Drink ▸ $5.99
Large Drink ▸ $6.49
Bottled Water ▸ $4.99
– Two for $8
Simply Beverages ▸ $5.99
Selection: Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Juice

Food Review

Coming soon!