During especially difficult hot afternoons, a snow cone (or shaved ice) is a welcome reprieve from the sweltering sun, so it goes without saying that the SnoMixer is a welcome reprieve when you need to cool down.

I’m of the skeptical mind in thinking that SnoMixer may be a closed down stand that hasn’t been removed. I don’t think it is though as there is a movable Coca-Cola stand next to it and that wouldn’t make sense for Six Flags to do if it wasn’t somewhere they regularly opened. However if you know of something that I don’t know, please let me know!

Where to find this stand?

A little harder to explain in terms of location, you’ll find this in the general area by The Wild One rollercoaster on the Mardi Gras side.

The Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 13, 2023

At the time of visiting, the SnoMixer was closed with no apparent signage of prices.

Food Review

Coming soon!