The Pizza Place / Harborside Pizza

I was raised in The Bronx. I currently live in the state that made ‘apizza’ famous, with Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern. If you try to tell me Chicago has the best pizza, I will explain, at length, why you are wrong, but also why I forgive you. I take my pizza very seriously.

Lake Compounce offers pizza in two different locations, because people in Connecticut need the option of having a slice to be in close proximity at all times. One of the locations (Harborside Pizza), however, is only open when the waterpark is. Both spots have essentially the same menu, which is why I grouped them. The only difference is that Pizza Place has wings and Harborside sells ICEEs. I, personally, think paying $13 for 6 wings is egregious, even for theme park pricing, but hey… you do you.

Where to find The Pizza Place and Harborside Pizza?

The Pizza Place: Nearby to Grilled Cheese, this is a permanent building on the way to the ferris wheel and the Phobia Phear Coaster.

Harborside Pizza: This is within Crocodile Cove, and that’s why it’s only open when the water park. This permanent building is behind Clipper Cove and adjacent to The Croc Pot.

The Pizza Place and Harborside Pizza Menu & Prices

Prices updated July 31, 2023

Both locations have almost the exact menu. The two main differences between the two is that The Pizza Place offers wings and Harborside does not, and Harborside Pizza offers ICEE slush around the corner, and The Pizza Place does not. The Pizza Place is very close to Slush Works, though, so if you want a slushie, you don’t have to walk far.

Personal Pizza Bundle
Includes chips / Buffalo chicken, pepperoni, or cheese
½ Dozen Wings
Only available at The Pizza Place
Buffalo Chicken or Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Garlic Knots
All Season Refillable Cup
Bottled Water
Buy 4, save $4
Large Fountain or Bottled Drink
ICEE Slush
Only available at Harborside Pizza / Green Apple, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry / Refills = $2.99

Food Review

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