Leo’s Lunch

One of the newer additions to Lake Compounce, Leo’s Lunch is a new(ish) dining option located near some fun pay-to-play games in the back of the park. It shares a kitchen with Leo’s Dessert at the Lake, but neither of them are anywhere near Lake Compounce’s titular body of water.

It’s a great place area to take a break and use the restrooms, with there still being some nearby sources of entertainment for bored kiddos, so consider stopping by.

It’s definitely a convenient spot.

Where to find Leo’s Lunch?

Directly next to the Down Time ride, you can find Leo’s Lunch in the same building as Leo’s Dessert at the Lake. There’s ample seating to eat and watch people scream their heads off on the ride nearby.

Leo’s Lunch Menu & Prices

Prices updated July 31, 2023

Philly Cheesesteak
with onions and peppers
Foot Long Hand Dipped Corn Dog
Foot Long Chili Cheese Dog
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Buffalo Chicken Roll
Hot Italian Patty
Pork Sausage Patty
Chicken Sausage Patty
Jalapeño Cheddar Party
French Fries
Chili, Cheese, or Bacon
Mozzarella Sticks
Mac 'n Cheese Bites
All Season Refillable Cup
Fountain or Bottled Drink
Bottled Water
Buy 4, save $4

Food Review

Coming soon!

I haven’t eaten here yet, but I wanted to draw attention to the “Pork Sausage Patty” on the menu. I know pork is a concern for a lot of diners, due either to religion, health, or a combination of those reasons.

I’m not trying to say they aren’t being hygienic or cleaning their griddle between every dish, but I haven’t confirmed that they do that, because I haven’t eaten here myself.

I’ll update you all when I know more, but until I do, I’d suggest that you assume there is some risk of pork cross-contamination.