Fried Dough

If you’re yearning for funnel cakes, you’ll find fried dough to be a great substitute, as it’s basically the same thing. The main difference between the two is that funnel cake is funneled into frying oil whereas fried dough is rolled out giving it a puffier texture.

Otherwise, they’re both incredibly delicious when topped with your topping of choice, and my personal fave is as simple as can be: powdered sugar, yum.

Thankfully this spot has both!

Where to find Fried Dough?

There is a permanent building next to the Rev-O-Lution ride which is on the main pathway right of the park entrance and it’s also a convenient stop if you’ve gotten yourself some coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts next door.

Donuts are great, but they aren’t particularly filling, and if you need something sweet, but you want it to help get you through the first couple hours of intense park going, this is a great spot.

When this shop is open the lines can be long. If you see it empty, I definitely advise bee-lining to the counter so you’re not stuck waiting behind the masses for upwards of 20 minutes, which has definitely happened to me.

Mixing and frying the dough takes some time, hence the wait.

Fried Dough Menu & Prices

Prices updated July 31, 2023

Fried Dough
Strawberry compote, Apple compote or powdered sugar
Fried Oreos
Funnel Cake
Cookies & Cream or Apple Pie (extra $2 for toppings)
All Season Refillable Cup
22 oz. Fountain Drink
Bottled Drink
Bottled Water
Buy 4, save $4

Food Review

The video below is over a year old at this point, however, it starts at 13:01 so you can dive right into the review. My opinion hasn’t changed on this spot. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice, though, that the menu has changed a bit. Fried oreos have increased in price by $1, and the refillable cup going down by roughly $10 (!!!). Wow.