Beachfront Bar / Tiki Bar

For those wanting to imbibe responsibly, the two bars in Lake Compounce are a great option. Please remember to drink water to keep hydrated, though – alcohol does the opposite and it’s awful to have heat stroke while at a water park.

The bars are only located in the Crocodile Cove section of the park, so are only open when the waterpark is open.

During events season, you’ll also see pop-up stands along the main pathways of the dry park.

Where to find Beachfront Bar and Tiki Bar?

The Beachfront Bar stand is on the opposite side of the lazy river, near its entrance, closest to the lakeside. It’s easily accessible and so long as you’re over 21 you’ll receive a poured cup of beer or seltzer.

The Tiki Bar is located in front of the Lakeside Cafe by walking past Storm Surge and over the railroad crossing. Just follow the path and you’ll eventually see it on your left-hand side. These locations can change at any time.

Beachfront Bar and Tiki Bar Menu & Prices

Prices updated August 1, 2023

There are no posted prices for the Beachfront Bar, however, I had a chance to speak with an employee and the prices are below (which I would take with a grain of salt because of how easily Lake Compounce can decide to change the pricing at will).

According to that same employee, the selection of beer and seltzers change depending on what gets shipped to them, so what you see in the below photo won’t always be accurate.

I did see water in the fridge here, so if you need some agua, you can find some of that here. The prices, again, aren’t listed, but bottles of water sell for $3.99 at all other quick service and stand areas, so they should be priced the same here, too.

If you’re at the park when Crocodile Cove is open and the Tiki Bar is open, I would grab your Bavarian Pretzel at this location as it’s roughly $1 less than at the Snack stand in front of Rev-O-Lution.

Bavarian Pretzels
Cotton Candy
12 oz. Can
16 oz. Can
Domestic Cans
Premium Cans
Spiked Seltzers/Loyal Lemonades
Bottled Drinks
Bottled Water

Food Review

Total transparency: because these are not poured drinks, there aren’t really any plans at Theme Park Bites to do a comprehensive review of them. You don’t need us to tell you what a particular brand of beer tastes like. That said, if we happen to have a beer while in the park, we’ll certainly tell you about it. As the Biebs says, “Never say never!”