Dippin’ Dots – Fun Spot Orlando

Nitrogen ice cream dots are found at Dippin’ Dots. With a multitude of flavors there’s bound to be something here for everyone.

Where to find Dippin’ Dots?

Thankfully you can find Dippin’ Dots in three distinct locations around Fun Spot Orlando.

Of these two, you’ll find the one on the left beside Auntie Anne’s and next to the new Splash Pad. The one on the right is located within the Arcade within the Refueling Station.

The location for the last Dippin’ Dots is behind the Commander race track and by the nearby Arcade.

Dippin’ Dots Menu and Prices

Prices updated April 30, 2024

Kiddie Size
Large Size
Sprinkles, Gummy Bears, Mini M&M's

Food Review

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